Mittwoch, 21. September 2011


GOOD THINGS TAKE TIME As you know, over the last few months your entire
Club Asteria Team has been diligently working on many new products
and programs to give you even more ways to earn additional income
and increase the value of your membership benefits.
I can't tell you how anxious and excited we all are to see all these new items
being produced, tested and the logistics worked out
so they can be introduced to our members… it's just taking so much longer
than we'd like!

I keep reminding myself that the success of our global mission depends
on our ability to conveniently and cost effectively deliver digital
and durable products all over the world. The digital products --
our training and education programs, our e-Wallet, and our online e-Commerce tools and resources
-- all have their own requirements and demands.
We have to make sure new items can be understood and utilized across
many languages and cultures; and the delivery requirements mean
that each item must be broken down into smaller,
more easily downloadable files. Fortunately, we have much of the framework
already in place to make introducing new digital products
a little easier once they have passed the other requirements.

Durable goods present an entirely different set of requirements.
In addition to Club Asteria's strict quality control and testing standards
for our suppliers, we also have a wide variety of global requirements for transporting and
delivering goods across international borders.
These in turn sometimes create additional costs which require
pricing models to be re-factored to keep these products affordable for our members.

We hope to be able to introduce at least some of our initial new
products and programs within the next 30-60 days.
After that, we have so many in development you can expect
to see more being released every month…
sometimes several new items within a single month!

Right now we are focused on releasing THREE new business-building
tools for our members as soon as possible:

1) New individualized Member Websites will give you complete access
to ALL of your valuable member programs and services,
as well as having all of our products available right on your own site
to either utilize or resell to your customers.
As new products and services are introduced, you will automatically have
them added on your site seamlessly.

2) Club Asteria's New 12 Steps To Profit Video Training Program will
walk you step-by-step through the process to earn money
within 30 days or less. Some of you have been involved in the testing phase
of this exciting program, and to date EVERYONE who has completed
the 12 Steps has seen the incredible value of this program to earn extra income.

3) Our New Club Asteria Coaching & Mentoring Program will give
motivated members, who want to achieve even more success, the deeper,
more detailed help and guidance they need.
This program gives all of us the greatest opportunity possible to achieve our personal financial goals.

When you see the impact just these first three tools will have on your
business and income, I believe you will be just as excited as we
are now! The mission of Club Asteria continues and together we
will be able to reach people all over the world and make a
positive difference in their lives. I have always believed that
change comes from within each of us, and when you have access
to the knowledge and tools that have been available to other
successful people you too can achieve the level of financial
and personal success you desire in your own life, wherever you live!

At this time I would like to thank all of our initial members that joined
our membership organization as we were just beginning.
All of you are so special because you recognized that together
we are a voice to improving the lives of not only ourselves
but so many people around the world that can't help themselves.
I recognize and appreciate each of you because I know how difficult it is
to endure and be patient while a new company matures and goes through growing pains.
You are our Founding Members. I want to assure you
that your belief in Club Asteria will not go unrewarded.
We will make a huge positive difference by helping people all over the world and your benefits, as a member, will increase in value.
As a Founding Member of Club Asteria,
the Asterio points that you have accumulated in our current programs will continue to be very valuable in our new programs.
We are currently working on a reward system that
shows you our great appreciation for staying with us during the difficult times.
I know, patience is always difficult, but together,
we will see your lives improve as well as those other lives that we will have the opportunity to touch.

To your continued spectacular success!

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