Dienstag, 12. Juli 2011

Improved commission plan

Be Motivated Today is now offering an improved commission plan that pays you 4 times more on your work.
If you joined "Be Motivated Today" before August 2010 then I know you want to create wealth.

Our commission plan was good before but now it is absolutely awesome.

We offer now a better plan. If you now have 95 Silver Members in your matrix you would be earning $147 (+-R1100)/month. This is much better.
So we have improved our plan and opportunity and are moving to become a global leader in our industry.

Please be aware that as a company we do not advertise, because we do not want to take your potential members. We want you to have all possible members so you can create wealth.
It is up to you to invite prospects.
We are offering a superior product and a commission plan that is truly world class.
Let’s get out there and advertise, invite and talk to people.

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