Dienstag, 12. Juli 2011

What is Be motivated today?

With Be Motivated Today, you become a member of a Personal Empowerment Company, so that you are empowered to succeed both personally and financially through our products and services. As a member you only invite others to your personalized Be Motivated Today website. Our system does all the selling, followup, recruiting, managing and training for you. It is called an Automated Passive
Income Creator (APIC). With an APIC, once you have invited your guest, no more “selling” or persuading or motivating is required by you. Your work is done. Be Motivated Today does the rest of the work to encourage the website visitor, you referred, to upgrade. Because you are a Silver Member, you will be rewarded for your referral efforts. To assist you in creating wealth we also pay out more of the
subscription fees through many levels. But you do NOT start a sales and recruiting business. Because there is no conflict of interest, many network marketers become members of Be Motivated Today and have their entire team of distributors join to be motivated and empowered.

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