Freitag, 22. Juli 2011

Six Ways To Earn

ZeekRewards Offers You... Six Ways To Earn ZAP Commissions: Earn 20% on all personally referred customers retail bid pack purchases on Your Retail Store: Earn the difference between your wholesale discounted price and the retail price listed in your retail store. No inventory, no hassels, no "garage qualifying". Simply promote your link and earn monthly margin checks on any purchases made by your customers without any of the headaches! The Retail Profit Pool: As a Premium, qualified affiliate who places and submits one FREE AD every day can earn daily awards through the ZeekRewards profit-share program. PLUS up to 10% on every VIP bid sold on your personally sponsored affiliates and up to 5% on your 2nd generation affiliates purchases (for those who qualify). Retail Subscription Profits: Earn a 20% monthly retail profit from all personal retail sales on personally sponsored affiliate's subscriptions. The 20% is based on the monthly subscription price regardless of rank qualification or placement in the matrix structure. This 20% takes precedence over other matrix commissions as follows and NOT in addition to it. The Shopping Daisy: Earn affiiate commissions through the most popular affiliate shopping programs on the Internet by giving away this incredible price-saving application FREE! The Matrix: Earn up to $3.50/month on every paid subscriber in your personal 2x5 Forced-fill matrix...and qualify to earn matching bonuses to unlimited depth...residually! Join here:

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