Dienstag, 12. Juli 2011

Testimonial 1

Whether you upgraded to Silver, canceled or just ended your 14 day free trial I would like to encourage you to give BeMotivatedToday some of your serious attention.

I have been involved in various online businesses over the past couple of years. Normally after I joined a program I would build my own web site because normally the company's web site is not good enough. Then I would give all my members a free mirror site which I have to setup. Then I have to regularly send them motivation and training. I have to setup a training manual because most companies do not have a proper manual. and then most of them still do not succeed.
I must be honest, when I joined BMT I did not really feel like getting
involved in something new. So I gave it hardly any attention. I just
sent out two emails to two of my lists and added it to my web site.
I did not do any of the crazy things I normally do as described

After two months I am absolutely stunned with the results. While doing the minimum I personally "signed up" 99 people of which 22 upgraded to silver.
This might not be much but what is really important here is the fact that all of this happened with almost no input from my side. Why this excites me is because this means that if I could do this with almost no input then people with no experience in internet marketing could do the same.
This system is working because the system does all of the important work for you. The system sends out the professional follow up emails, the system trains your new recruits, etc. Really all you have to do is to get your potential partners to visit your professional web site which you get after joining.
So your main focus will be to advertise your BMT unique link wherever you can. I created a page with some advertising tips at to help you.
In order to get your unique link log into the web site at and click "Inviting tools" link in the control panel and then look under the "invitation emails", the pre written emails will contain your unique URL. (this is if you are registered).
On the same page you will even find an email you can send your friend in order to invite them to have a look at the web site.
Under the "Inviting Tools" link you will find more pre-written emails, advertising scripts, phone scripts, etc. All for you to use.
Remember that your main purpose is to get the visitor to your web site and sign up for the free trial. After that the system will do the rest. Even after your prospect's 14 day free trial ended the system will send them follow emails for the next 11 months unless they unsubscribe.
I personally think that if you cannot make money from Be Motivated Today you will not make money with everything else. This is truly the easiest program I have signed up for in the past 8 years.
If you have not upgraded to silver yet I urge you to do so today. You have absolutely nothing to loose. Arnfried gave you a money back guarantee when you joined in the first place.
Except for the excellent system you have available to build a business you will also receive these daily motivational emails. Do yourself a favor and spend time to actually READ those emails. They are very short and very powerful. It will not take you more than 3 minutes per day but those little emails have the power to transform every aspect of your life.

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